[Attention Parents of High School Athletes:] Looking for a training and nutrition program to elevate your child's game to the next level, all while building character, confidence and work ethic?

Discover the Strength and Conditioning Program So Powerful It Will Stay With Your Child Long After They Hang Up Their Varsity Jacket

Increase Speed, Strength, Muscle Mass, and Confidence Needed for Sports...All While Reducing the Risk of Injury

  • Your child will learn exactly how to train for their sport, position, and current fitness level...
  • They'll eat to fuel their body, increase strength, and build high-performance muscle mass...
  • ...and we'll show them what balance of vitamins and minerals they need to perform their best...

American Bully Strength Club, we won't just coach them...we'll teach them.

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The Complete Training and Nutrition Solution for High School Athletes...Guaranteed to Help Them Succeed On the Field and In the Classroom

Training + Nutrition + Recovery = Success

As a high school athlete, your child has a small window of opportunity to be successful.

If they put the time in and LEARN how to train, eat, and recover they will be successful later in life.

They'll get the opportunity to train with us which will give them personalized attention and plenty of time to recover from workouts.

They'll learn how to eat properly through the use of a personalized meal plan and phone app so that they can lose body fat and build muscle and strength quickly.

They'll also recover faster and and perform at optimal levels even if they have a showcase, clinic, match, or game coming up.

Why American Bully Strength Club Is Different...

At this private, personal training gym, it's NOT just about the workouts. 

Here at the Club we'll teach them how to prepare for the rigors of life though pushing their limits in the gym.

We'll inspire them to set goals and reach for them.

Win or lose, they will learn the importance of consistency and what it means to get up, dust off, and continue to work hard after failure.

We'll transform them into young adults who strive for greatness no matter what direction life takes them.

They'll not only learn how to train for their sport, but the importance of exercise and maintaining healthy habits long after athletics are over.

A Moment of Truth.

Can I be honest with you for a second?

There are only 4 years for your son or daughter to take full advantage of the lessons high school sports have to offer.

If they dream about throwing a perfect game, being a state champ wrestler, or becoming an all-time rushing record holder at their school

...there will need to be some structure.

Going to the gym with their buddies and working only on their bench press and biceps curls simply won't cut it.

They need to be strong.

They need to be explosive.

They need a high level of conditioning.

They need to be confident under pressure.

They need to be a leader that teammates gravitate towards.

They need a complete program that is suited for their goals.

This means they must be challenged physically and mentally.

Training must be programmed an serve a distinct purpose, nutrition must be on point to sustain energy levels and fuel the body -- and they must learn the power of positive thinking.

If this sounds like your child is looking for a challenge, we'd like them to become part of the Bully Family and train with us.

It will change their life

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Christopher Lopez
American Bully Strength Club, Owner
Delran, NJ

What Parents and Athletes Are Saying:

"When my son Justin began training with Chris the original goal was to improve balance, endurance and stamina. At such a young age I was not interested in size and mass. He laid out a program that gave my son just what was needed to build that endurance and stamina. Fast forward 18 months my son is properly trained, understands his body and the training programs provided. Justin gained 45-50lbs.  

Chris is well qualified to teach and train anyone to be the best that they WANT be. I know I made the right decision for my son. I recommend the program to every person who want to listen to him….AND YOU SHOULD…he produces results!"

Lou Martin-Culet, Father of Justin - Football/Wrestling

"When our son Sean became part of Christopher Lopez's program four years ago he immediately knew this training was going to bring him to another level of physical fitness. Chris's personality and vision is one that is compatible with the wrestling mindset of achieving at a high level. He has a comprehensive knowledge of how to build strength and character. We are grateful that our son has had the opportunity to train under Chris's supervision."

Patricia Leahey, Mother of Sean - Wrestling 

“Wrestling demands athletes to be in top shape both mentally and physically. Training with Christopher Lopez, both of my sons received both. His innovative techniques and equipment kept my son’s interest and pushed them to levels they probably didn’t realize could be reached. His motivating tactics kept them going back for more. Many times after a match that required overtime, the boys would clearly say that if it wasn’t for Chris it could have gone either way. The environment and coaching style he has created is like no other.”

Rita Bohringer, Mother of Connor and Ryan - Wrestling

“I felt STRONG coming here (NC State University). Couldn't have done it without you. You're creating monsters.”

Brian Hamann, North Carolina State Wrestling

“Thanks for coming to the wrestling match yesterday to show support for your boys! You are awesome with them. You continue to help them build not only their strength but their confidence too. I can only speak for my boys in saying that I'm grateful that you are an important part of their lives.”

Terri Bollard, Mother of Jeremy and Josh - Wrestling

“You changed my life and gave me a new confidence with the not only the way I played basketball, but how far I could push myself to do better. Training with you allowed me to set higher expectations for myself.”

Trevon Gross, Jr - University of Virginia Basketball

“There's no way I would've got on the State Podium without those spring and summer workouts!!”

TJ Liquori - Wrestling

"My sons Jay and Kyle are wrestlers and I was looking to bring their performance and physicality to the next level. Chris Lopez exudes passion, knowledge and the ability to help athletes achieve their goals. Each work out is challenging, creative and places high value on correct form. Jay and Kyle have been encouraged to push past perceived limits to get results and have become stronger both physically and mentally. Chris is a great mentor and my boys look forward to each and every workout. His coaching style is the perfect example of tough love!"

Ann Marie Epperly, Mother of Jay and Kyle - Wrestling

"Our son, Matt, has trained with Chris for over 4 years and we are extremely pleased with the level of physical and mental conditioning he has experienced. Not only do the workouts engage all parts of the body, but Chris's personalized attention and instruction also teaches athletes how to properly use their body/mind and train for optimal performance on and off the field. Matt is motivated to attend his sessions because the results are so evident to him and those around him! In addition, Chris is a great role model and mentor, who athletes respect and admire."

Kim and Rob Pickus, Parents of Matt, Montclair State University Baseball

“There is no question the physical effects of training with Christopher Lopez has helped my son Alec tremendously in wrestling, but to me it is the extra mile Chris goes for his athletes that separates him from the rest. It is very common to see Chris show up at an event to support his athletes. On a personal level Chris took the time to talk to Alec about things outside of training which really helped him. I have and will continue to highly recommend him to everyone.”

Jim Huxford, Father of Alec, Wrestling

“Before training with Christopher Lopez, I was a basic athlete who had potential in football, but never really made a huge impact. I found out about him from someone on my team so I gave it a try. Not even a month in, I felt so much stronger and more athletic. I was only 210 pounds but my coach put me at right tackle because I was stronger and faster than the people I played against. Coach Chris completely changed my game.”

Mike McKenzie, Football

“I have gained strength, learned proper techniques, and about really pushing myself to the limits.”

John Fiore, Soccer

"My son Jon found out about Chris through friends at school. He quickly got him ready for his sophomore year of football. Better yet, he's never taken an interest in exercise until training with Chris. Now he's got his dad hooked. Great coach, great program. So glad we found you."

Bracken Gardner, Father of Jon - Football

“Training with Chris has helped Ricky build up his self confidence. He has been working out twice a week and I have witnessed gains in Strength, Agility, Bat Speed, and Pitching Velocity.”

Rick Aviles, Father of Ricky - Baseball

“My son Nick has trained with Christopher Lopez for 2 years and he has gotten much stronger and gained plenty of muscle mass. Chris has a great atmosphere for student athletes. I would recommend his coaching to anyone who is serious about getting stronger.”

Joe Tomasiello, Father of Nick - Wrestling

Meet Your New Coach:

Christopher Lopez is a husband and proud dad of 2 beautiful girls, who has changed his own life through strength & conditioning and exercising positive daily habits.  

Coach Lopez has been training clients since 2003 across New Jersey and New York City.

He owned and operated the Strength Pit facility from 2012 to 2019 in Jackson, NJ before moving his family to Delran and starting the private American Bully Strength Club in his home garage.

Through his facilities and online presence, he has helped guide men, women, and high school athletes of all levels become the strongest version of themselves.

His coaching resume includes:

  • Adults of all fitness levels who want to drop body fat, get stronger, and build lean athletic muscle
  • High school athletes who went on to become State Champion and State Place-holding Wrestlers, members of State Champion football teams, Division I basketball players, and amateur & professional athletes
  • State, National, and World Record holding powerlifters with WNPF

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