You're not average. Your personal training program shouldn't be either.

Join the Strength-Building Community that Helps You Forge Physical, Mental, and Emotional Muscle...In and Out of the Gym you can finally start building the healthy, strong life you deserve.

American Bully Strength Club is a private personal training club in Delran, NJ that specializes in Strength & Conditioning for adults and high school athletes.

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All You Have to Do Is Show Up. We'll Handle the Rest.

The Safest, Healthiest, and Fastest Way to REAL, Life-Altering Results in a Private Environment.

Here at Bully, we know you have personal goals that you can't seem to accomplish at

  • an over-crowded bootcamp where you don't get the 1-on-1 attention you need to be successful
  • a cookie-cutter CrossFit that doesn't work with your current aches and pains
  • or "regular gym" where you're not sure what exercise to do or how much weight to use

When you train with us, you'll:

  • Maximize strength and fat loss, while minimizing the risk of injury by training in a 1-on-1 or semi-private environment 
  • Be challenged for your current fitness level, no matter if you're new to the fitness scene, haven't worked out in years, or consider yourself a seasoned strength and conditioning veteran
  • Improve overall health, boost energy levels throughout the day, increase lean muscle, and put your metabolism in overdrive 24/7/365 by following a personalized meal plan for your body type and goals
  • Get fast, sustainable results no matter how much time you can dedicate to the gym or what your busy life throws your way by personally keeping you accountable each and every week

"Why American Bully?"


Each exercise is fully-coached and scaled to your current fitness level to challenge you and ensure personal safety. They are only intensified as you get in better shape.


Our personalized meal plans and supplement programs are customized to your goals, so that you will receive the fastest results possible without starving yourself.


We do understand how easy it is for life to get in the way and throw you off track. We know consistency is the key to your success and we'll be there every step of your journey.


Christopher Lopez is a dad of 2 beautiful girls, who has changed his own life through strength & conditioning and exercising positive daily habits.  

Coach Lopez has been training clients since 2003 across New Jersey and New York City.

He owned and operated the Strength Pit facility from 2012 to 2019 in Jackson, NJ before moving his family to Delran and starting the private American Bully Strength Club in his home garage.

Through his facilities and online presence, he has helped guide men, women, and high school athletes of all levels become the strongest version of themselves.

His training resume includes:

  • Adults of all fitness levels
  • High school athletes who went on to become State Champion and State Place-holding Wrestlers, members of State Champion football teams, Division I basketball players, and amateur & professional athletes
  • State, National, and World Record holding powerlifters with WNPF